The San Fernando Valley chapter is blessed with a regular rotation of ordained individuals to preside at liturgy:

Rev. Todd Scull, OSB is a chapter member and pastor of the Old Catholic parish of St. Caecilia in Glendale.  (You can visit their Facebook page). We are very grateful to Todd's bishop for allowing him to serve our Dignity community.  He is a member of the Benedictine Order and Todd's blog is Catholic Preacher. Todd presides as needed especially at special chapter celebrations and feast days like the Easter Vigil and Christmas Eve, as well as providing spiritual direction to the chapter. 

Rev. Nori Kieran-Meredith is a member of Roman Catholic Women Priests. We believe that ordination should not be confined to hetero-normative, cis-gender males.

Rev. Jim Maier is a member of Dignity Los Angeles. He is a former Jesuit.

Rev. Mr. Jim Cummings is a chapter member and assists as DEACON at special liturgies. He is the liturgical coordinator, social media coordinator & webmaster, assistant sacristan, and occasional cantor for DSFV. He provides spiritual direction and religious education opportunities for the chapter so that members gain faith enrichment. He'll preside sometimes at member-led liturgies.

Other "guest" priestly presiders from Dignity Los Angeles are occasionally scheduled, including Rev. Peter Canavan, Rev. Laura Okazaki, and Rev. Kevin Steen.


A note about Member-led "Liturgy of the Word with Communion" Once a month, usually on the final weekend of the month, members of the chapter will preside at liturgy in the absence of a priest.